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You are moving out from Hungary ? Got tons of stuff ? Suitcases ? Boxes ? Have you exceeded the number of suitcases authorised to transport in your flight? Don’t want to struggle with heavy stuff?

How to Ship Your belongings Worldwide?

  • You can contact us by filling the form on our website, and our team will answer your request shortly within less than 24 hours.


  • If possible you can share with us while filling the form some pictures of the belongings that you are planning to ship, and if needed we can arrange an in-person visit or a video call to check the quantity of the stuff that we have to move

  • Shipping cost starts from 47 EUR per box or suitcase.


  • Our shipping service is Door to Door which means we pick up your belongings from the entrance of your building, and it will be delivered to the entrance of the building to the destination that you are sending. Upon prior agreement we can pick the belongings from inside your flat.


  • Send us the exact dimension & weight of the belongings that you are planning to ship abroad.

  • We can help in shipping your belongings From/To Hungary and any country in the world

  • We can help you in customs clearance if you are shipping inside or outside the EU.

  • You can order the packing supplies from us with a variation of options that might help you to prepare your belongings to be shipped safely and securely Packing Supply.


Suitcase & Boxes
Worldwide Shipping

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