Special offer: Free delivery within Budapest for orders above 20 000 huf (otherwise 2999 huf delivery fee) – Cash on delivery.


Frequently asked questions

Who prices the used items for sale?

You can suggest a sales price, but our team we’ll make an evaluation and adjust the price accordingly based on the current market value.

Do I get paid for them immediately or whenever you sell an item, you take a commission or so?

We help you sell these stuff and take a commission of 20% – 25% depending on the nature of the item.  You receive the money not per item sold, but after a large quantity is sold. Unless you are selling one specific expensive item with us. 

Contact us for specific details about your situation.

Can you pick up the items or do I have to deliver it? 

If we decide to proceed, we pick up the items from your address in Budapest.

Is there a maximum number of items that I can give you?

There is no maximum amount of items, it depends on whether we accept to take the item or not.

Do you accept clothes?

It depends on the brand, original purchase price, the quality, the condition and our warehouse capacity.

To whom are donated the items? 

We have several partnerships with NGOs working with different communities in Hungary to whom we give the donations.

Monthly payments or all at once? 

You can either pay monthly or, if you already know the storage length, all at once. Of course if you choose to go for 3 or 6 or 12 months packs, the price gets cheaper.

How much does storage cost ? 

In order for us to make you a price offer regarding your storage, we need to know the quantity of the items (furniture, number of boxes, suitcases, etc…) and the length of the storage period. Once you send us these details, we’ll let you know the costs. 

Do I have to bring my items to your storage unit and take them back by myself? 

No, you don’t have to. We offer pick-up and drop-off service with the storage. 

Is there a possibility to store stuff and then send them?

Yes sure we can store them during the time you want and then send them whenever and wherever you want. 

Can I come take some of my stuff by myself if needed?

Yes you can. You just need to fix an appointment for the visit in advance

How much will it cost ? Is the price by weight or number of boxes ?

The price depends on the number, the weight and the dimensions of parcels. The price is also different if it is a box or a suitcase. 

For suitcase/box shipping, the price is calculated whatever the package’s weight is? Or do we have limited kilos per suitcase?

To provide you with a good price, the maximum weight allowed per parcel shipped within the EU is 30kg for a suitcase/box. But we recommend our customers to have a maximum of  29kg, to avoid any errors in the weighing machine they use. Parcels above 30kg will be automatically returned and there will only be a partial refund. We can also ship suitcases/boxes above 30kg, but the cost is much higher. Contact us for a quote.

As for shipping outside the EU, the maximum weight depends on the destination. 

In all cases, please contact us for further details. 

How long does it take to arrive?

On average, it takes around 3-5 Business days. (+ 3-7 business days customs clearance time for shipments outside the EU)

Do you provide a tracking ID? 

For most shipments yes sure we do, and as soon as we have the ID we will send it to you. 

What document is needed for shipment outside the EU? 

Since this shipment is going outside the EU, you need to fill out a proforma invoice (we can provide you with the template) and you need to state there the contents, quantity and value of each item in the parcels. It is necessary for the customs clearance process. However, you do not need to worry about printing the document, you will just send it back to us and we will manage to add it to the shipment. We highly recommend also to keep the total value of your items in the invoice below 1000 eur, as it could lead to higher customs fees and import taxes if the value is above 1000 euro. In case you would like to declare a value above 1000 eur, we would need to go through a clearance agency for export/import. The additional cost for the service is around 200 – 400 eur.


Some items fall into our “no compensation” category and can only be shipped at your own risk. You can still send your item, but claims for damage will not be accepted. Please ask us in advance if your item is eligible for insurance.

Also, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that our partners carry out groupage delivery, which means stacking the packages and sorting on a conveyor belt.

For this reason, proper packaging is very important. Fragile content can only be posted at your own risk and in this case the insurance can only be enforced in the event of disappearance.

What should I do if my package is damaged or lost?

If your package is lost or the contents of you parcel are damaged during transit, you must submit your claim in writing and by email within 72 hours of the delivery date.

We are unable to accept or process claims for deliveries older than 72 hours.

Your email must include: the collection and delivery date, both the sender and receivers names and addresses and the date of the claim. You must also state the declared value of your parcel contents, a description of the packaging material used and a description of the damage sustained.

When submitting your claim please include: The photographs taken before and after the parcel delivery, an invoice or receipt that proves the value of the item that was damaged, a copy of the report issued by the courier at the time of delivering your damaged parcel. Our delivery partners will only reimburse successful claims if the claimant is able to prove the value of the goods with an official document.

When taking delivery from the driver, it is important that you examine the package for any sign of damage. If the package and/or the contents appear to be damaged, please ensure that you open and check the contents with the driver present. If the contents are in fact damaged, it is important that you get a written acknowledgement from the driver that the goods were delivered in a damaged condition. Verbal recognition from the driver cannot be used as part of your claim.

For high value items we strongly recommend photographically documenting the packaging procedure so that should you need to make a claim for damages, you can successfully prove that you packed the goods correctly.

Claims submitted without photographs taken at the time of delivery of the broken or damaged item, and/or that do not have a copy of the report completed by the courier on delivery, and/or do not contain an invoice or receipt proving the value of the goods, are more likely to be rejected.

How does the insurance claim process work?

Your claim will be submitted to the responsible courier company within 24 hours of its receipt. The claims department at said courier company will contact the receiver to arrange a suitable time to come and make a damage report in person, where the inspector will ascertain whether the level of packaging was appropriate and suitable for the contents of the parcel. It is extremely important that the receiver does not discard the packaging material before the inspector arrives.

The courier company is unable to give an exact time frame for completion of the inspection process. Correctly completed claims, with good quality images are generally processed much quicker than those with missing attachments and information.

If a claim is accepted or declined by the courier company, BudaPack will advise the customer in writing by email. Successful claims will be paid out within 8 calendar days of the email notification, and the payment will be made by bank transfer. BudaPack will request the customer’s bank details by email at the time of notification.

How do I report a damaged or lost parcel?

Please take a photo of the damaged consignment and send it to BudaPack via email contact@budapack.com. Describe the damage in detail, and tell us how the item was packed. You will also need to include a receipt or invoice proving the value of the item that was damaged during transit. Upon receipt of these, our Customer Service team will start the claims process. Without the documents above we will not be able to proceed with your claim.

I want to ship my suitcase but from another city other than Budapest. 

At the moment we only ship suitcases from Budapest, if you’d like us to ship something for you from another city, it needs to be packed in a box and not a suitcase. So in this situation usually we offer 2 solutions for our clients :  

Either repack your items in a box and we’ll send out our partner to ship it directly from your city or get us the suitcase to Budapest and we’ll ship it.

To which countries can I send a package?

BudaPack delivers packages to nearly 200 countries around the world with the help of its partners. Delivery time is usually 1-8 business days. 

The delivery procedure may differ from country to country, and your package may be subcontracted by the supplier. In a remote area, your shipment may be delivered to a post office, pick-up point or a central distributor from which the consignee can pick it up. 

Contact us for specific details regarding your request.

What are the following steps? How can you arrange a pick-up ?

When you will be ready for the shipping just contact l 1-2 days before the pick up and we will schedule a pick for you. 

How much does moving cost within Hungary? 

Please send us the following information and we’ll provide you with a price estinatimation

1 – Exact address of departure with zip code.

2 – Exact address of arrival with zip code.

3 – Floor of each flat. 

4 – Elevators in each building, yes/no ?

5 – Exact description/quantity of items, furniture,to move (if you have photos that would be the best)

6 – When would you like to move them?

Once we know all this info, we can make an optimized price offer based on your needs and the situation.

Please let us know as precisely as possible the description of your items, number of boxes (which size approx) number of bags, or other items, etc… 

It is better for us to know as much as possible, so we can know which vehicle is best for your situation and therefore optimise the costs for you.

How do I confirm my moving request?

In order to officially confirm and book your spot in our schedule, you’d have to transfer 20% of the total price as a reservation fee. In case of cancelation, the deposit is non-refundable. 

We can help you transport your pet from Hungary to almost anywhere in the world. In order for us to check the availability and offer you a price, please send us the following information. 

Animal’s details



Date of birth:


Height (the height till the top of the head or the tip of the ears – as the highest point) :

Length of body (the length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail) :


Rabies Vaccination Date:

Mating date:

(if the animal is pregnant)

City to be picked up from :

City to be shipped to :

You quoted my friend a different price for the same service I am asking

Prices are constantly changing and fluctuating based on several factors that are mostly out of our influence, so we have to adapt our prices accordingly for that reason. We would love to keep the prices fixed, or even get them lower for the benefit of our clients, but our industry is highly affected and sensitive to any changes in the ecosystem. Always ask for an updated price. 

How can I pay ?

For the payment we are flexible, we have Revolut, Transferwise, OTP accounts both euro and forints, so you can choose whatever suits you best.

Please let us know if you did not find an answer for your question or if you have some doubts about anything, we’d be happy to assist you.