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Collect Lost Luggage Budapest Airport

All major European airports are experiencing disruption in flights and in consequence, thousands of luggage are being left behind and getting lost. Budapest Liszt Ferenc airport is no exception. The amount of lost luggage is increasing every day and the passengers aren’t able to get their luggage and belongings only after 2-3 weeks because of the labour shortage.

It is a hassle to go in there again and search for your luggage, especially if you have already left the country or are leaving very soon.


BudaPack helps you collect your lost suitcase from Budapest airport. Thanks to our personalised customer-oriented service, we offer the possibility to go collect your lost luggage on your behalf from the airport. After collection, we can either drop to an address of your choice in Hungary or ship it abroad worldwide or keep it in our safe storage until your return.


Why BudaPack? Simply because we are the most convenient solution, we handle luggage every day, we have the right connections in the airport to make the process faster, and most importantly, WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

As a clarification, we are a private company who offers multiple personalised services to our clients.


One of our services consists in going to the airport and looking for your suitcase manually. This means that we check with the airport lost & found department via their computer if the suitcase has been logged in the system as existing in Budapest or not. If the system shows it, then we take it directly and bring it. If it does not show it, we search for it manually in the storage warehouse of the airport based on the description you provided. If we find it, we will deliver it to you wherever you need. 


Many times, the suitcases are already in Hungary but the department of lost & found is so short-staffed that they do not have enough capacity and time to process all the lost luggage on time.


 And even after they do, they have difficulties arranging with delivery companies to get your suitcase to you. 


So that’s why people come to us, as we can get this done faster. 


The service fee costs 75 eur+vat for us to dispatch our team and go to the airport. This has to be paid via bank transfer in advance.


If the suitcase is found, it can be delivered to your address in Budapest for an additional 20 eur+vat paid on the spot upon delivery. 


If you’d like to go ahead with the service please let me know so we can send you our bank account details + the power of attorney to be filled and signed by you to give us the authorization.


So what’s next? CONTACT US NOW! We’ll help you get back your lost luggage from

Budapest Airport.


You are moving from a place to another? Got tons of bags, suitcases, boxes and a chaos all around? No worries, we take care of moving and removals service from A to Z.

We go inside your 1st place, pack & protect what needs to be packed, collect the items, take them out, load them into the vehicle, drive to the 2nd address, unload everything and take it inside the place. You don’t have to do anything except open your doors to us.


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